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Re: One Summary outline draft

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
How does this outline look?


... in trying to be inclusive for all the parts of the Project.

Apologies for cross-posting but I'd like to try to tie together some ideas that have been floating around the fab and docs lists.

Is it feasible to start looking at the Release Notes / Release Summary and some issues with timely production of those, mentioned in FDSCo meeting[2] today, through the spectacles of Mr Spaleta's post [1] and his rainbow diagram[3]?

There seems to be a good cross-section of FP subprojects involved in a production of release notes and summaries, all of which could benefit from the better co-ordination of the effort:

 * Maintainers/Packagers
 * Testers/Bug Triagers
 * Beats and Docs writers / Translators
 * Artists
 * Marketing

Being inventive (not!), I thought something like RelNotes SIG, acting as an umbrella for all of the * above might achieve this better co-ordination.

Immediate and a very visible benefit would be accurate Release Notes produced on time throughout the dev-cycle (and Rahul and others relieved of beyond-human effort during the last 48 hrs before the mirrors open every 6-7 months).

The other, less visible benefit, is the possibility (there was a bit of a talk about it within docs team, too) to use this road to attract new contributors and get them started on smaller, less intimidating pieces of the project.

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this?

Cheers, Vladimir

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-advisory-board/2008-January/msg00248.html

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