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Re: Using the xmlbeats script for other Wikis

On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 15:27 +1000, Murray McAllister wrote:
> Hai!
> Is it possible to use the
> "release-notes-devel/release-notes/xmlbeats/beatconvert" and
> "release-notes-devel/release-notes/xmlbeats/xmlbeats" scripts on other
> Wikis, say, to convert from Wiki to DocBook when such a Wiki does not
> already have these features?

Yeah, that script worked well with Moin because there you could send a
HTTP request with "?action=render&mimetype=xml/docbook" appended, and
get a roughly workable DocBook XML back.

I don't think MediaWiki has this function currently.  However, the
official MediaWiki shows some information about available options:


This is something that you may want to get with Mike McGrath's crew on,
because they are aware that we need this type of functionality.  Getting
the wiki up and running was a priority, and now a DocBook export
function is in the list of ToDo's, IIRC.

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