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Re: Screencasts - Cheese

Clint Savage wrote:
Hi all,

So I took a couple hours last night/this morning to create a screen cast of cheese and its usage. I think its pretty good.

http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/screencasts/cheese-final.ogg (9.4MB) ~4.75minutes

The only issue I saw with istanbul, was that when I'd sometimes launch an application (cheese, or epiphany to show the cheese website) the audio would get garbled a little or a lot during the presentation. I am not sure if this is really a bug, or some sort of config error on my part.

Very Cool & well done, though I thought you should raise your webcam to look down on you some if possible. The audio processing is likely done via shared memory/cpu on the motherboard, so when you launch other apps it affects the encoding process (top). If there were dedicated audio/video processing hardware or you ran istanbul with a lower 'nice' priority and the other apps with a higher 'nice' value. This may not work for I/O bound processes, but it's worth a try. You may have to create some custom launcher scripts to limit any interference when running larger apps like a browser. More on nice here - http://www.linux.com/articles/58638 ...Also a light weight desktop like XFce.org may help, when doing demos. If it's I/O bound, writing the output.ogg to a different drive using a separate controller/channel may help. - Cheers, Art

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