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FDSCo Meeting 2008-06-11 Summary

Paul Frields (stickster)
Eric Christensen (Sparks)
Jared Smith (jsmith)
Bart Couvreur (couf)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Clint Savage (herlo)

* Leadership changes
~ - Everyone seemed to be in agreement on the proposed changes
~ - There was no response to Karsten's email, which is viewed as a
positive sign

* Release notes
~ - No change from last week

* Active content
~ - Security Guide to stay in the Wiki for now
~ - Call to arms (or pens, or keyboards) for help with Getting Involved
Guide and User Guide.  Different sections will be assigned to various
members, similar to beats.  Assignments will be made at some future time

* Cleaning up Projects list
~ - Deferred until we can figure out who added this to the agenda, and
what it means

* All other business
~ - Bart mentioned that he is making publishing docs to docs.fp.o
similar to how the main static site is built, and work is progressing
~ - Jared did a lousy job of leading the meeting, and shouldn't be
allowed to do it ever again

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