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Re: trademark legal issues for Fedora

I'm going to move this discussion to fedora-docs-list, where others can
help think about the solution in a Brave New World of documents
individually hosted as projects.

On Fri, 2008-06-13 at 12:56 +1000, Murray McAllister wrote:
> Hi!
> I noticed ... that the documentation in 
> Fedora does not include any trademark attribution statements, or any 
> proper marking.
> If a company decides they care about this, who gets the blame?

I think we have our trademark documentation in the legalnotice element
that's included in all our published documentation.  That happens
automatically in the Fedora Docs toolchain when we make HTML or other
outputs from the XML.

Obviously, if we go to individually hosted Fedora projects for
documentation, we don't want each manual to carry its own copy of the
legal notice.  What we could do is:

1. Continue to use XInclude for these purposes, basically putting in a
placeholder for the <legalnotice> element.

2. Have the README or other instructions for the project (and the .spec
file for the package) rely on a fedora-doc-common package.

   a. That package would be *itself* a hosted project.
   b. Its content would be original XML and PO files.
   c. It would produce a package of all the XML files, original and
   d. Those XML files would be used in the <xi:include> in the
individual hosted documents.

This makes sense to me from a programmatic standpoint.  It's much like
Python projects -- you put in a README saying what the developer
(documentation writer) needs to have installed to help out.  Then in
the .spec file you put in "BuildRequires: fedora-doc-common", which
means the RPM package that eventually goes to people's systems will have
all the right content inside.

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