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Re: Contributors v. Writers v. Editors

2008/6/19 Chris Carlson <cwcarlson cox net>:
> That won't drive me away.  As I said, I'm trying to figure out the lay of
> the land here.  Now I take it there is some documentation that is considered
> Fedora documentation while other documentation is from other organizations.
> I guess I presumed if it was accessible from "fedora" via yum, it was
> considered Fedora documentation.

One of Fedora's major goals as a distribution is to work closely with
upstream projects, and finding easy ways for people to contribute to
the upstream projects through Fedora. Our translation team did a great
job creating Transifex, an easy way for upstream to make this projects
available through a common interface for anybody interested in
translating it.

What you could do, and it would be entirely in the spirit of Fedora to
do so, is:

a) Fix the bugs you find, even if it's in an upstream project (e.g. Your typo)
b) Find ways to make it as easy for others to do the same as possible

I'd argue that this kind of issue is exactly the sort of thing the
docs project should be looking to tackle in the future, but then again
I'm probably (I won't say definitely, I actually find this idea really
interesting!) not going to be doing the work...

I hope this helps, and I really hope you go on to not just contribute
to docs created by members of this team, but also to help upstream get
more exposure and more help writing their own docs :)

Let me know if I can be of any help!



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