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Re: Future was Re: Contributors v. Writers v. Editors

That seems like a really good idea actually. Sounds like a way I could
contribute far more than I could here.  Read up on the docs actually.
Seems that to form such a group we need a core of people. Anybody else
interested in founding and creating such a group.

Don't have a name yet. The duties kind of overlap with some other
areas but with the bigger picture in mind rather than the details that
seem to swamp the other projects.

Core ideas.
Developing a best of breed/migration strategy and list of apps,
documentation of these apps, practices and strategies to streamline
Linux desktop adoption and usage.

In short the group would be part testers, part advocates, part
documentation and part strategy. One important goal is to work as
closely with related groups, especially if work is duplicated. However
just as important is to give Fedora an easy migration path for windows
and Mac users. Right now none exists. Work will also be as closely as
possible done with other distros.

Anybody interested email me. We'll put together a charter, members
list and submit it along the Fedora guidleines.

Paul I'll bow out of the topic as you requested. This post asking for
interested members to help found the SIG will be the last post on

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 3:28 PM, Keith Henkell <keith henkell net> wrote:
> I am a bit confused... I thought it was RedHat that was cutting the
> consumer Linux desktop, not Fedora?  Did I miss an announcement?  If
> so, I can't seem to find it in Google.
> I do know that if you feel strongly about it, you could try to get a
> SIG started to focus on a consumer "best of breed" type of desktop,
> possibly as a separate spin, and maybe influence the distro defaults
> that way.
> See the section on SIG in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DefiningProjects.
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