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Re: FDSCo Meeting 2008-03-12 IRC Log

Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:
John Babich wrote:
* quaid has changed the topic to: FDSCo mtg -- Mailing list spam and moderation
*    stickster here
<quaid>    hmm, without Bob I don't think we get the full impatc
<quaid>    but aiui
<quaid>    he was concerned with list moderators stepping on each other
<quaid>    outside of designating hours of coverage (horrors!)
<quaid>    I think we just have to be careful
<quaid>    and make sure we know what we are rejecting
<quaid>    for this I use the Mailman WebUI to be sure
<jmbuser>    quaid: Is there any way to prevent the spam mail from
cloggin up my webmail?
<jmbuser>    s / cloggin / clogging /
<quaid>    filters?
<quaid>    also ...
<quaid>    Mike was going to adjust our filters
<quaid>    but afaict he hasn't
<quaid>    I don't know quite what to do there and haven't found anyone
who can help
*    quaid tries not to say M I K E ' s name so as to not distract him
from FAS2 fun
<jmbuser>    The signal-to-noise ratio drops drastically with spam and
causes me to miss real information
<quaid>    hmm
<quaid>    I'm not sure if the spam filters drop the message before it
gets to the queue
<quaid>    I'll drop mike an  email about the filters
<jmbuser>    thanks
<quaid>    ok, that's about what we can do
<quaid>    jmbuser: are you using the web interface for moderating?  or
still using the reply-to in the email stuff?
<stickster>    Hm, I haven't seen any spam on f-docs-l.
<jmbuser>    quaid: web interface
<stickster>    Maybe it's my Gmail at work?
<quaid> stickster: it doesn't land on list, it hits the moderation queue
<stickster>    Oh that.
* mkranz (n=mkranz h-217 111 50 179 host de colt net) has joined #fedora-meeting
<quaid>    so it's moderator email that you see
<quaid>    ok, anything else here?
<stickster>    *AH*.  I've been getting a BOATLOAD of that on f-a-b and
f-board-l that I do have to moderate, so fair enough.
<quaid>    stickster: mike figured out a formula for using RHT set spam
assassin headers
<stickster>    quaid: I've been considering simply rejecting email from
non-subscribers, at least on f-board-l.
<quaid>    I just sent him email, once I get the details, i'll publish
and advertise to list admins
<quaid> stickster: then you lose the people who we ask to reply to the board
<stickster>    s/non-subscribers/non-subscribers who aren't preapproved/
<quaid>    aiui, the SA headers are present and can be used by Mailman
<stickster>    Aha
<stickster>    OK, not to drive this into the ground, sorry all.
<quaid>    I just want to avoid re-doing Mike's figuring here, so I'll
see what he says, then try it on f-docs-l ...etc.
<quaid>    ok, moving on ...
<stickster>    If it works, let me know and I'll follow suit
*    quaid looks back up 9 lines in his buffer
<quaid>    yep

Sorry I missed the meeting, one thing that I have been doing with the spammers is checking the box to "always reject from this address." this will help over time I think. this is what the "rejected" messages are from. I think we can turn those off in mailman.

[X] Add <dirty spammer tld> to one of these sender filters:
   Accepts    	   Holds    	   Rejects    	   Discards


Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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