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Hi all,

This morning I was thinking about flyers to give away during events. So far if an ambassador need flyers [1] she/he have to made those by her/himself.

You guys have a lot of skills and I think that you can ease this process by providing the framework to create them through DocBook. My dream is to have a flyer in different language (translated with help of the Fedora L10N teams and transifex) which can easily generate by the community or download from somewhere in the wished language. No pain about legal stuff, all links are current, no worries about the logo.

Just generate/download it, print it (at home, at your office, or at a print shop), and you are ready to go :-)

I think that during the first steps Doc is the most important part. Of course only if you think that it be valuable to work on such a mini project. Later there have to be a collaboration with Marketing, Ambassadors, Artwork, and Legal I guess.

Kind regards,


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Flyer

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