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Re: Tasks to do?

On Sat, 2008-05-03 at 21:32 -0400, Keith Henkell wrote:
> Is there a list of stuff that needs to get done?  I'd love to be able
> to grab a task from a list when I have an unplanned hour or two to
> spend (like tonight).
> Is there anything like the equivalent to the discussion page in
> wikipedia/media wiki?  It might make things easier for newbies like me
> if we can look at a  page with notes on what's been done and what
> still needs to be done especially if it  is stored with the actual
> document.

We're a bit unorganized on that still, since each document can have any
number of tasks, while each overall document itself is a higher level

Here is the canonical task location, which is a little out of date but


Each guide that is nearing publication has a checklist of editing, such
as the bottom of this page:


This could use a checklist, maybe even a migration to the new namespace


- Karsten
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