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Regarding doc: readme-burning-isos


I think the doc needs some update in "burning software" section:

1. first link http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm does
not work anymore

2. winxp has its own command to burn ISO to disk

Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools (rktools.exe)

And an instance (on winxp sp3 applied)

byuan szpc527g /usr/local/bin
$ ln -s /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Windows\ Resource\ Kits/Tools/cdburn.exe

byuan szpc527g /usr/local/bin
$ which cdburn

byuan szpc527g /usr/local/bin
$ cdburn
        cdburn <drive> -erase [image [options]]
        cdburn <drive> image [options]
        -erase            Erases the disk before burning (valid for R/W only)
        -sao              Writes the image out in "session at once", or cue
                          sheet, mode (default is "track at once")
        -speed            Speed of burn, or 'max' for maximum speed
        -imagehaspostgap  Use if your image already contains a 150
sector postgap
        The [image] must be provided unless the -erase flag is set.
        If both an image and -erase are provided, the media will be
        erased prior to burning the image to the disc.

byuan szpc527g /cygdrive/d/Downloads/Fedora
$ cdburn.exe g: Fedora-9-i386-DVD.iso -speed max
Requesting burn at maximum speed
Number of blocks in ISO image is 1aad9b
                Finished Writing            <= here it was a progress
number from 0% to 100% during operation
Synchronizing Cache: burn successful!

bbbush ^_^

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