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Self Introduction - Jon Stanley

Hey, Paul inspired me to write down some of my blog posts on how to do
various QA tasks in Fedora as documentation :).  So here I am.  For
the formal self-intro:

My name Jon Stanley.  For my day job, I'm a IT Architect at a
large-ish IT service provider.  I live in Jersey City, NJ USA (part of
the NYC metro area).  What I already do in Fedora is to co-lead the
bug triage team with John Poelstra, participate in various marketing
activities, maintain a few fonts, do QA, etc.

My goals for the documentation project include developing
documentation around the various tools that are used for the QA and
distribution composition function within Fedora.  These tools are in
the open, however, they're largely undocumented, which has the effect
of deterring people from using them.

My skill level with Linux and Fedora is extensive - I'm a RHCE
(805007017527115) and have one RHCA exam under my belt.  I'm always
looking to learn more, however! :).  My GPG key fingerprint is below:

pub   1024D/1F85118D 2007-12-16
      Key fingerprint = 84A5 3E8C 66E7 53B3 C029  33B8 7111 2949 1F85 118D
uid                  Jon Stanley <jonstanley gmail com>
sub   2048g/FD723FBD 2007-12-16

I may need some stylistic help in my documentation, and DocBook is a
new and scary thing to me, but I'm sure I can learn.

Look forward to working with everyone!

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