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Re: Self Introduction - Jon Stanley

Op donderdag 15-05-2008 om 15:02 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Jon
> Hey, Paul inspired me to write down some of my blog posts on how to do
> various QA tasks in Fedora as documentation :).  So here I am.  For
> the formal self-intro:
> I may need some stylistic help in my documentation, and DocBook is a
> new and scary thing to me, but I'm sure I can learn.
> Look forward to working with everyone!

Hi Jon, and welcome to Fedora Docs and sorry for the response-delay. 
I'm glad to see you've followed Paul's advice and came around, always
good to see some people from different projects wanting to document
there "pet project".

You've joined FDP at a rather interesting point in it's history: we're
going to change the way we run, block and do stuff around here [1]. So
don't get to scared about things like DocBook, or maybe just a little :)

Anyway, welcome again and enjoy the ride



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