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Re: New Member: Andres Villarreal, an MEE from Rice University and a self instructed "expert" in Linux

Andres, welcome!

On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 11:56 -0500, Andres Villarreal wrote:
> My submission: 
>       * Full legal name : Andres Villarreal 
>       * City, Country: Bogotá, Colombia 
>       * Computer Scientist and MEE in Computer Engineering
>       * Independent consultant for various small and mid size
>         companies
>       * Your goals in the Fedora Project 
>               * I am interested in helping people like me in the first
>                 steps of making things work.
>               * I have suffered enough with the howto pages that are
>                 anywhere from great to abysmal and from up to date to
>                 obsolete, and I think Fedora is the right place to put
>                 my experience to use.

We are migrating our wiki next week to MediaWiki.  After that, we are
going to start having a lot more end-user how-to style of documentation
featured there.  That should make it easier to write up and maintain
such content.

>               * I am also interested in maintaining packages, but want
>                 to start here.

A main goal of the Docs Project is to help other parts of the Fedora
Project document themselves.  Maybe you want to help with the Packager
documentation?  It would contribute to Packaging immediately while you
learn how.

Your interest and qualifications are most welcome.

- Karsten

>       * Historical qualifications 
>               * As a self-taught Linux enthusiast I think I can see
>                 where the documentation is just a little bit short of
>                 being correct and useful, so I think my lack of a list
>                 of courses is a good thing.
>               * I am a skilled programmer in several languages and an
>                 expert in networking.
>               * And, I have better than average English skills.
>       * GPG KEYID and fingerprint 
>               * pub   1024D/F6C81882 2008-05-20
>                       Key fingerprint = 6D90 EC88 7422 A029 01E6  D790
>                 9A44 0143 F6C8 1882
>                 uid                  Andres Villarreal
>                 <andres villarrealpouw name>
>                 sub   2048g/BA1AF386 2008-05-20
> So, please tell me if my submission has any problems and I hope we
> will do some good together.
> Andres Villarreal.
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