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Re: wikiold frozen, work on wikinew begins, early-import happening right now

On Mon, 2008-05-26 at 12:09 +0530, "G" wrote:
> Hi Karsten
> I ve started to work on writing a small documentation on what bodhi is
> and a link to the bodhi repository. I have started off with that work
> and the reason is that i couldnt find this information in the old
> wiki. I am writing a small paragraph on it and since i ve been reading
> about this wiki migration i am doing it offline so what are your
> suggestions on this front. I would like to add that to the wiki and of
> course before adding it i would send it to review too so that if some
> more needs to be added it could be done. You want me to add it to the
> old wiki or the new one .
> We still have only one more day to go for the new wiki so i am kind of
> confused :D

Continue to work offline and wait until the new wiki is fully available

Sorry for the confusion, it's likely we'll be confused for another week
still. ;-D

- Karsten
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