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Fedora 10 Changes


So, for every release, for the past several releases, I keep a note on the ongoing development changes so that I can expand on them for the release notes. I haven't spend enough time on the docs for this release however so if anybody wants to go through these and make sure all of the details are documented properly, it would be excellent.


* glitch free pulseaudio
* augeus conf
* upstart changes
* fedora nightlife
* live-creator runs in selinux enforcing mode
* http://fitzsim.org/blog/?p=27
* http://cyberelk.net/tim/2008/05/29/version-100/
* plymouth replaces rhgb
* codeina replaced
* packagekit changes
* gdm doesnt allow root password
* https://fedorahosted.org/amber/
* http://blogs.gnome.org/cneumair/2008/07/08/its-done/
* getting rid of artistic 1.0 licensed software
* http://hehe2.net/linux-general/openofficeorg-30-what-to-expect/
* uvc and gspcav2 got merged in 2.6.26 and 2.6.27 respectively
* Hooking up PackageKit with preupgrade
* mail replaced with mailx
* xenner
* portreserve



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