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FDSCo Meeting 2008-11-05 Summary

== Attendees ==

* David Nalley (ke4qqq
* Paul W. Frields (stickster)
* Karsten Wade (quaid)

== Summary & Actions ==

=== Actions ===

* ACTION: Wed, Thu #fedora-docs focused on beat -> XML for relnotes
* ACTION: IG all day on #fedora-docs Thu, Fri
* ACTION: CMS hunt to proceed according to this plan:

  1. We make a big public splash that we are hunting hard
  2. Talk lots on f-docs-l for a week and pick a shortlist
  3. Announce that shortlist and that we are actively trying
     things out; put up test instances, give test drives
  4. Amongst that, we mention (again) that we need actual talent
     to deliver the solution within Fedora, and invite those folks to join
     the discussion and help us with the decision process.
  5. Ideally we get both a decision and a doer at the same time
  6. Optionally we discover we aren't going to get it
     that easy, but we do get a shortlist or a single choice; then we can
     decide if we want to troll with the shortlist.

=== Summary ===

* Post-F10 relnotes and schedule analysis notes:
** Once Beats are converted to XML, the XML is canonical _for_that_release_
** Should we move back to a packaged fedora-release-notes for Beta?
*** Package for Preview Release gets only a few days in the wild
    before we have to freeze for l10n
*** Could sync with the development freeze between Beta and PR
** How do we want to handle corrections to Beats after conversion to
*** Do we freeze wiki changes from there, work only in XML, and use BZ
    or Trac to gather fix-it requests?
*** Two-way sync is a PITA
*** If a package, they can file bug reports for a clear path
** Need to ponder more on what to do next time
* Hoping search for CMS brings in new contributors to Docs/Fedora,
  rather than stretching existing ones thinner
** Publicity on CMS project might help here; perhaps paid $CMS
   developers might help for the "Fedora Documentation chooses $CMS"

Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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