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how to build release-note

Hi, I need some help...

Can someone confirm that for first translation of release-note requires
'Common enitites' translation as well? Or am I totally misunderstanding
and this is not required at all?

I have encountered the problme on building release-note as well.
When running 'make html', it stops forever in the middle without any
error but seems freezing. Any idea?

Thank you in advance for your help.

[noriko noriko git-repo]$ ls
docs-common  release-notes
[noriko noriko git-repo]$ cd release-notes/
[noriko noriko release-notes]$ ls
Makefile               Release_Notes-en_US        ja           xmlbeats
Makefile.publican      as                         messages.mo
README-Accessibility   en_US                      po
README.fedora-release  fedora-release-notes.spec  scripts
[noriko noriko release-notes]$ make html
mkdir -p en_US
( cd
; make entities-en_US.ent )
LANG=as.UTF-8 xmlto html -x
 -o Release_Notes-as as/Release_Notes.xml
#(stops here.....forever, no output)


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