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Re: release notes bug fixes

Not much joy on the X86_64 so far. After several attempts, including a clean install of F10 preview from rawhide, following Scott Robbins example of install flash plugin to a clean Firefox then installing nspluginwrapper.i386 (X86_64 is installed at the start), still no sound.

There is no libflashsupport so that isn't it.

Same hardware 32 bit sound and video is fine. Also, other apps have sound on X86_64.

If no other bright ideas next plan is to remove the 64 bit wrapper, install flash, then install both wrappers.

Oh yeah, the other uh-oh is I don't seem to have much luck installing flash-plugin by opening it with PackageKit from Firefox. Either have to install the Adobe yum repo and do a yum install or save the rpm and do an rpm install. Neither is likely to be the newbie's first try.

Off to bed for now, I'll hit it again in the morning. Perhaps something will smack me in the head overnight!


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