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Re: Documentation Guide git repo?\

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 07:48:58AM +1000, Jeff Fearn wrote:
> Karsten Wade wrote:
>> On the wiki has the advantage of drawing from 10x to 25x the
>> collaborators as XML does.
> Where do you get these statistics from?
> I'm curious as to how they are generated and what kinds of interesting information can be extracted from them ... yes, I _may_ be a little bit geeky :D
> Cheers, Jeff.

I haven't actually compared statistics in a while.  Background here is
that when we were talking originally about adding wiki content as part
of the formal Fedora Docs, I talked with Deb Richardson (Dria), who
was running Mozilla's developer documentation.  They had gone through
a migration from DocBook XML in CVS to a wiki for their dev content.
They were experiencing very impressive multipliers of contribution to
the exact same content in the wiki by the same pool of developers who
had the skills to commit to XML, plus a whole new class of
contributors who would never have ventured in to XML.

In the last several years, Fedora has grown to several thousand
registered contributors, with hundreds of those regularly editing
parts of the wiki.  In the same time as that growth, DocBook adoption
in Fedora has been flat.  We rarely have more than a dozen people at a
time willing and able to commit changes to the XML.

So, if you want to seek updated statistics, draw from:

* How many people edit the wiki in a given month?  (Can use RSS feed
  of recent changes.)

* How many people edit any of the DocBook projects?  (Can use
  fedora-docs-commits for this.)

There is a lot of noise in there, though. For example, f-docs-commits
is full of Transifex commits, while the wiki is full of content that
is not really documentation.

That said, it is clear that wiki documentation content has grown
continuously in the same time period that XML docs contributions have
been nearly flat.

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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