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Re: version comparison guidance (was Re: self introduction and rel notes advice)

On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 01:44:38PM -0700, Dale Bewley wrote:
> ----- "Karsten 'quaid' Wade" <kwade redhat com> wrote:
> > In general, the marketing approach is to talk about GA to GA.  For
> > documentation, I could see arguments either way.
> > 
> > Dale - great question!  Let's hash it out on list, set the guidance,
> > and
> > then you'll know.
> It seems to me that release notes are strong marketing pieces, and
> are inherently documentation. For prudent people the release notes
> are often the the first thing they consult before upgrading, or
> taking the time to evaluate software through installation.
> Describing the differences using the previous release notes gives
> one an apples to apples comparison. Also, assume F9 released with
> v1.0 of a pkg. Through updates it is now at v1.9. If F10 releases
> with v1.9, or even v2.0. Do you not describe all those enhancements
> between .0 and .9? I'd think those features would be worth bragging
> about in the rel notes.
> That's basically how I came to the question. F9 has seen a few
> upgrades of libvirt with many feature enhancements from v0.4.2 up to
> 0.4.6 currently. I think describing the delta from 0.4.2 to the F10
> version (0.4.6? 0.4.7?) is the only useful way to do it.

I agree with this and can't add anything more persuasive.

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