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Re: fedora-wiki-list?

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 06:07:56PM -0700, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> Nigel proposed today that we form a separate list for wiki-focused
> discussions.
> Much as I hate promoting list proliferation, these reasons make sense:
> * Cross-section of many Fedora groups that could use a low(er) volume,
> wiki-only list for:  guidelines; usage; new tools; tips; wiki-specific
> decisions that affect all projects; etc.
> * These same people (packagers, artists, translators, coders,
> ambassadors, etc.) don't want nor need to be subscribed to
> fedora-docs-list to get this information.
> * Especially as we talk about multi-lingual wikis and the complexity
> increases, we could use a stand-alone list for discussion.
> Thoughts?
> +1 or -1 or 0?
There are definitely the merits to having a wiki list... in addition,
it'd be a nice place to direct people to ask about syntax, or for new
templates. (/me waves)

But then, where do you draw the line between f-docs-l and f-wiki-l --
between talking about how the content is created and how the content is
written? It almost seems like there's an unremovable overlap.

I'm personally iffy about it but I think the reasons *for* it are good
enough to request it. I have no problem with setting up another mailbox
filter. :)

In other words, a weak +1

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