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Re: [Fedora Installation Guide] #4: Beginning the Installation - Chapter 4 update

"Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com> wrote:
>> Many BitTorrent clients (including Ktorrent) do not perform automatic
>> verification. They must be asked to check data integrity.
> Are you certain about that?  This is part of the BitTorrent protocol
> itself AIUI, not the application level.  The only want for *any*
> BitTorrent client to know it got a correct, complete chunk is to check
> the sha1sum for that chunk.  Which means that, by definition, if you
> have completed all chunks, your file has been automatically validated.
> I think this text is correct as written.

Maybe it is a bug.
I have seen such behavior in Ktorrent-2.2.5 and 3.1.2.
The former has tabbed windows for downloads and uploads.
After download of a file finishes, it moves to the upload window. Here
manual data integrity checks may cause the download to move back and
get corrected. Once I skipped the final manual check and got a bad
Suse iso (corrected it with ktorrent again, only after k3b


A. Mani

A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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