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Hi, I'm Kam Salisbury. I live and work in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA.

>What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?

Several small articles and tips regarding using Linux to get real world
tasks accomplished. Some items are more suitable for other system
administrators or hobbiests.

>What level and type of computer skills do you have?

Over ten years experience supporting and using computer technology in
Windows, Novell and Linux environments.

>What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface
design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.

No published programs to claim fame to but definetly scripting capable -
shell, HTML/CSS, PHP, Java. As a network manager I am comfortable speaking
in front of groups.

>What makes you an excellent match for the project?

I want to help.

Kam Salisbury

kam kamsalisbury com

FAF1751E fingerprint = DC3A 73C0 199D 0C29 BDCD  9D2A 8014 9957 FAF1 751E

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