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Re: New language codes?

Paul W. Frields さんは書きました:
If the Docs Project is able to complete a transition to Publican for
the release notes for Fedora 10, many of our language codes will
change to ISO standards.  This includes moving from en_US to en-US, as
in "Release_Notes-en-US.txt".

It would probably be good if any tools used to spin or release the
distribution get updated to support both of these options.  I would
suggest shifting them to use the ISO standard, en-US, first and the
try falling back to en_US.  That way, if we fail utterly and have to
drop back to the old way of doing business, the results will still
land properly.

I've got a favor to ask.
Please make Japanese as ja-JP, not ja as current.

Many thanks


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