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Help needed today and tomorrow

Tomorrow's string freeze sort of snuck up on us, and we could use all hands on deck between now and tomorrow night.

There are a few items that need someone to research and develop some content for, and there are also a few places where we could get some help converting the wiki content to xml. Fortunately, most of the work is done, but there are some holes, a few critical, so if you can spare some time, please raise your hand.

Even if you are not an expert on something, you can check the beta repo version against the current and then track down the upstream's release notes to develop some content. Although it might not be as good as having an expert do it, it certainly is better than leaving the user hanging.

Places we need content:
- Architecture specific notes
- Networking (Ryan Lerch?)
- Printing
- Games and Entertainment
- Live spins
- Boot time
- Security
- Servers - Mail, Web, Database, File (Andrew Ross?)
- System Daemons
- Server tools
- File systems (David Nally?)
- I have the feeling we are missing some stuff in Scientific and Technical but I haven't had an opportunity to research it fully

Larger conversion pieces:
- Virtualization
- Kernel
(lots of little pieces, tho)
xml conversion requires git access.

The current state of the xml is at
(of course this will change frequently during the day. The real authority is git, and I will endeavor to keep the latest content pushed.)

So we don't trip over each other, why don't I coordinate the noon to midnight zulu time period, and hopefully Ryan Lerch can organize the midnight to noon shift. I assume that Ryan and myself will be doing anything that someone else doesn't cover.


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