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Role changes... helping new members.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of my "leadership" comes from the Navy.
From that I am trying to extrapolate on the "Sea Dad" program where new
sailors coming to a command will have a senior member to look to for
advice, answers to questions, and to get up to speed on what they are
supposed to work on.

I need strong, active members to step up and be these senior members to
mentor the more junior members that are joining us.  In this way we can
get new members up to speed and moving towards being productive members.

Our FAS system has groups and members in the system which allows us to
"manage" our members.  That group includes three different types of
members: administrators, sponsors, and users.  A few minutes ago I
cleaned out all the sponsors (moved them back to user status) and have
upgraded a couple of users to sponsor level.

My plan is to have these sponsors actually become a "Sea Dad" for new
members.  They accept these new members by sponsoring their membership.
I'll be working with these sponsors to make sure we have consistency
with all new members.

This idea is being fleshed out more and will be discussed more in the
near future.


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