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Re: Your Fedora 'docs' membership has been downgraded

Forgive my top post but this client is problematic.  Gave up on working with upstream to fix it.

In the past when changes like this happened they were discussed and an attempt to contact the people effected was made.  This is the problem and the most annoying point of this whole action item.  I don't care about the change in status, in fact I agree with it I have not been able to be active in quite some time.  I have been trying to read the meeting minutes or summaries so that I can speak up if needed or chip in for a very small task.  Hopefully in this calendar year things can get back to having more time to contribute.

You know where to find me.

Best Regards, 
Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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In general, I think any team ought to reach out to people if access
levels need to change for some reason.  An example might be packager
group changes, which are typically relayed to fedora-devel-announce.
I think that Eric was discussing the need to put active people in
sponsorship roles on IRC earlier.  I talked to him briefly and we
agreed that these sorts of things should go to the list first, to give
plenty of notice.  Let's also try and cut Eric a bit of slack while
he's getting the hang of holding the reins of the team -- there's a
lot going on, and I'm sure no slight was intended.

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