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Fedora 11 notes


I am going to be editing the release notes for Fedora 11 and adding a
bunch of new information. These are my notes if you want to help me in
the process:


ext3->ext4 migration via anaconda if you
boot with "ext4migrate" on the cmdline.

live cd doesn't support anything other than ext4 and ext3? anaconda  bug
report should be filed

Everything has switched to sha256, including media check

http://myoung.fedorapeople.org/dom0/ provides dom0 kernel for Xen

setroubleshoot rewrite

new virt-manager screenshots

relatime FAQ - http://valhenson.livejournal.com/36519.html

gcc 4.4

rpm 4.7

ext4 - extends format - faster file deletes, multi-block allocator,
fragmentation resistant (delayed pre allocation - either fsync by the
app or page dirty cleaner,  earlier was single block at a time), removes
16 TB ceiling, 32,000 sub directory limit.

preupgrade - f9 to f11 wont work?

New features

Make sure all the feature are documented



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