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Work to be done today

We need to get the pot files to the translators today, and there is still some work to be done. If you can possibly help this morning, please do.

I have changed the right two columns of


to reflect where we are.

There are a few sections where we need some content, if you can take some time to research something with a 0 in both columns please do it. In some cases there is a 0 in the wiki column and a 1 in the Publican column. In those cases, some content was provided directly into Publican, so check both columns.

In places with a * in the wiki column, there is some content, but it is very weak. If you can make it better, please do.

If you make changes in something that is already in Publican, please let me know, and if possible, update Publican.



You will find the current state of the xml for reference.

Thanks for your help
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