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Re: install guide draft

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 Joshua Wulf <jwulf redhat com> wrote:

> Reading its preceding text and looking at the formula, I think it should
> have been:
>  If M < 2
>     S = M *2
>  Else
>     S = (M - 2) + 4
>  if there are less than 2GB in the machine then you should double it = M * 2
>  if there are more than two gigs then you need the 4GB for the first two
> gigs, then 1GB for each 1GB above 2GB
> Which part are you calling out as wrong? The formula as regards its
> preceding text, or the whole thing?

I was saying the formula for M >= 2 is way off target.

The cited kb article 15252 confirms it.

I suggested an estimate in my OP, I think it makes sense to revise it to

If Desktop User then Min(3, 2*M)

If 4 < M < 150, then S = Max (5, M/5)

If 150 < M < 256, then S= 24

as some kind of default on the principle that

"'Default values' should be a little more than the minimum
recommended" (in this scenario).


A. Mani

A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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