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A new policy for deleting wiki pages on the Fedora wiki.

Earlier today, Max brought up a good point about being able to remove
pages from the wiki.  We discussed it and came up with the following

If you want something removed from the wiki,

1. Add the {{delete|reason}} template to the page, at the top. Please
insert the reason for your deletion so the wiki team will have no
problem understanding why the page needs to evaporate.

2. Move the page to the Archive: namespace. Select the move tab at the
top of the page, and simply rename the page to include the prefix
              * EXAMPLE: My_ugly_old_page => Archive:My_ugly_old_page
              * EXAMPLE: User:Jpublic/Some_page

Pages moved in this way are removed by the wiki team after a two-week
cooling-off period.

Additional information on the new deletion policy can be found at

Fedora Docs Project

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