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Re: F11 release notes ready for translation

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Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2009 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: F11 release notes ready for translation

more of that kind, even more cryptic to us. Do we *really* need this? Is
the big AmateurRadio section read by anyone else then radio amateurs?
With all the respect, I don't think they are significant part of our

Piotr, I thought we should highlight the various applications for different user groups. I was surprised, though, that I was unable to identify collections of applications of interest to many groups. You would think there would be applications for collectors, sports fans, etc., but all I could find were amateur radio, science and technology, and IC design. It happens there were a lot of changes for amateur radio apps this time, not so much for IC design. There were quite a lot of changes in the Sci/Tech area too, but I could only raise a couple of comments from developers, and the other changes were in applications that were pretty esoteric, and I didn't feel very comfortable writing about them.

Smaller release notes containing only information for majority of users
would be easier to translate and understand

I kind of vacillate a little on this. On the one hand, for an awful lot of applications, there isn't much to say except we went from version x to version y and here's where to find the upstream release notes (when they exist). Trouble is, it is hard to judge how big a deal that change is to the folks who use the app. This is especially true of the development tools which are pretty long this time, and probably among the most difficult to translate. In those communities, there are probably more than a few folks waiting for a particular bug fix on some particular tool. This is also somewhat true of the amateur radio community.

I do feel like we really need much more complete documentation on what the apps do and how to use them, but I agree this belongs on the wiki. In fact, having a good strategy for getting that sort of information into the wiki could turn out to be a helpful recruiting tool.

Perhaps a strategy for F12 might be something like a categorized list of *all* changes, and prose only about new features, or maybe significant new features. Getting everything categorized would be something of a problem (the yum categories are pretty bad), but that approach might prove more useful *and* easier to translate.

Just some thoughts ...


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