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Re: Self-Introduction

On 04/16/2009 04:35 PM, Mike Danko wrote:
Hello all,

I'm Mike Danko, here's the suggested email contents:

I've done a lot of writing and very verbose documenting of the systems
at my day job over the last 10 years, mostly covering
RH/Fedora/Solaris/General System Administration topics for people with
little-to-no experience with the systems themselves. Currently I'm
working on a infrastructure and virtualization project (during the day)
and I hope to bring some of the work I'm doing there into the public

I am a self proclaimed rubyist and general thinker it's hard to classify
my "computer skills" -- I'll bend it any which way to solve a problem. I
do have quite an extensive networking background which I've mostly
purged from my mind over the last few years, but it can occasionally
come up when a balance between systems and networks is called for.

I have a real focus for excellent documentation and review, and I'm
hoping to help in any way I can.

- Mike

mike skrelnick:~$ gpg --fingerprint 517F2C19
pub   1024D/517F2C19 2009-03-24 [expires: 2010-03-24]
       Key fingerprint = 1B89 6C30 7C61 0E61 E878  CA6D 6659 1093 517F
uid                  Mike Danko<mike l4m3 com>
sub   2048g/A69A9B1E 2009-03-24 [expires: 2010-03-24]

Welcome, Mike! Nice to see you getting more involved. Maybe, whenever I get back to Columbus, we can have a mini Docs meetup. :D

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