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Release Notes entry for the moin package

Hi Docs people,

I recently took over as the moin package maintainer and I've updated it
to 1.8.2 in F11, which is quite a bump from 1.6.3 in F-10 and it might
need an entry in the Release Notes.

Here's a list of things that might be worth mentioning, could someone
from the Docs team help make this a real release note? :)

- Lots of changes, users should start by going 
  through /usr/share/doc/moin-1.8.*/CHANGES

- Upstream documentation on how to update is 
  in /usr/share/doc/moin-1.8.*/UPDATE.html

- Instructions on how to migrate the data directory are 
  in /usr/share/doc/moin-1.8.*/README.migration - this file talks about 
  using the www-data user for running the migration, in Fedora there is 
  no such user, probably the best option is to run the script as root 
  and then do a chown -R apache:apache for the data directory 

- The documentation on how to set up moin in Fedora is updated, it's 
  at /usr/share/doc/moin-1.8.*/README-rpm

- Users should make sure they update the configuration files, such as 
  wikiconfig.py, the 'server driver', such as moin.cgi, the underlay 
  directory and possibly the htdocs directory for their wiki instance.

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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