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Awaiting Docs Membership?

There are a few people who have applied for membership in the Docs group over the past few weeks. However, Mike Danko was the only one who submitted a self-introduction, as far as I can tell.

If you, in fact, have posted a self-intro, please send a note to Eric or myself. Perhaps your email address is different enough from your FAS usercode that we didn't catch it.

If you haven't done that yet, please get on it quickly. We are thinking that perhaps two weeks or so is enough time for someone to sit in the queue before we decide that their application was a mistake, or they lost interest, or whatever. At least a couple of those names are just about that old.

If you applied, and then decided maybe it wasn't for you after all, that's fine, but if you could let us know then we could keep the account maintained.

And if you are sitting on the fence, then by all means, apply for membership in the docs group, post your self introduction, and join in. The docs group really is a good gang of folks. You won't be sorry.


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