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Release Notes in F12 and beyond?

Several translation teams are doing a fantastic job getting
translations of the Release Notes done for Fedora 11.  However, it's a
marked decrease in effort from the Fedora 10 release.  From the few
teams that talked about why they were not engaging in this effort, it
looks like the large amount of material and churn in the Release Notes
is a big demotivator for them, even though the churn from F10->F11 is
significantly less than from F9->F10.

It might be good to start thinking now about, and then clearly
documenting for posterity (in a few months when we've all forgotten!),
whether any change in the Release Notes strategy is desired.  Perhaps
the Docs team doesn't want to change that, in which case thought
should be given to the translation needs for that document and how to
address them.  Several people have brought up the idea of making our
official Release Notes document short and less technical, like those
used in GNOME, and backing them up with more detailed pages on the
wiki as needed.  That's certainly one way to go.

Just encouraging people to think about this problem and whether any
change is warranted for F12 and beyond, and if so, what to change.

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