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FAD at Southeast Linuxfest?

So I wanted to see what the interest level was in having a FAD
concentrating on Docs either before or after the Southeast Linuxfest.

Just to give you a heads up, the Southeast Linuxfest is June 13th at
Clemson University in South Carolina
More info here: http://southeastlinuxfest.org

A number of Docs contributors are in the Southeast, off the top of my
head they include:
*laubersm (though she already has a conflict)
*Eawest (though she will be very great with child or welcoming home a
newborn during SELF and thus unable to attend)

Some of the possible targets we could work on:

*Answer the Docs_decisions_for_F12
* Mint some new packagers within Docs
*Hack on some of the internal infrastructure
*Work on Zikula

I am sure there are other things, this event falls literally right
after the F11 release so it might be a good time to do some strategy
for the the coming year.
In possible anticipation - I have tentatively reserved the same
building SELF is being held in for our use on Sunday.

I welcome comments, enthusiastic comments, and flames

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