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Re: Back to work with revised to-dos

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 3:15 AM, Karsten Wade<kwade redhat com> wrote:
> That makes sense.  If we've got a web-based wysiwyg DocBook editor
> that can let me edit guides pulled from fedorahosted.org, that is
> pretty good.  Edit can even be read-only from the SCM with write to
> local copy or some kind of web-based cache for peer review.

I'd suggest a somewhat interim (and, fairly quick) blog post around
the following bits:

- what is currently available
- what is projected to be available within the GSoC timeline
- what could be available beyond GSoC timeline
        * more in terms of a roadmap

The above should provide a guidance on what the Docs team can expect
in terms of functionality and, whether the project would be in a
consumption-ready state.

> Hmm.  That is a reasonable interpretation but seems to miss the spirit
> of the matter.  When I see a project with a goal of, "Web-based
> wysiwyg DocBook editor for Fedora Docs," I presume there is going to
> be a working instance of something at the end.

I'd love to have a "test" instance set up that actually allows anyone
to see how things are.


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