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RE: CMS + Fedora Magazine

> Karsten,
> I thought we would be able to use a single instance and have different
> domain names point at different "groups".  Have multiple instances to
> do the same thing seems a waste, IMO.

There are a couple of technical issues with single-instance.

1.  Caching strategies - will certainly be different for the almost entirely
static docs/www subdomains to the more user-oriented docs site.
2.  Zikula doesn't currently support subdomains running on the same set of
files (though it's easily achieved through symlinks) - and would they use
the same database, or a different database?  If you use different databases
with the same files then upgrades become a hassle
3.  Striping/server separation - e.g. if the magazine / docs / wherever else
are on different physical servers for load or any other reason.
4.  Rolling out new features / fixing problems in general - you don't want a
problem adding a new blogging module on the magazine site to take your www
offline through some freak accident.

It's something that requires some thought, because doing it wrong makes a
big mess to clean up later.  Make sense?


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