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Improving the documentation process

Here are some of my thoughts on how we can make fedora-docs a better place.

First off I think we would benefit from a simpler docs model which simulates the documentation model of real world publishing.
For instance instead of this entire page:

1. Use the wiki as a wiki. Wikis are great for short howtos and explanations. However, they quickly become unwieldy when trying to do anything else. Sure you can play Zork on uncyclopedia but that isn't the purpose behind a wiki.

2. Replace the old publishing workflow with this:

1. Develop content in small groups, pulling useful howtos and snippits from the wiki and expanding them. Correct and copy edit wiki articles to help development. For small stand alone sections, write on the wiki first and get them reviewed. Or do none of those things and just write in Docbook XML. after all, this is open source and we are all about choice, do what you want as long as you contribute :) fedoraproject.org can host the XML in your favourite repository system. 2. Write a daemon that publishes Docbook XML using publican to fedoraproject.org/docs

3. ???

4. Profit

All comments appreciated.


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