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Docs meeting 2009-02-11 Summary

Eric Christensen (Sparks)
Paul W. Frields (Stickster)
David Nalley (ke4qqq)
Kirk Ziegler (kirkz)
John J. McDonough (jjmcd)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Simon Birtwistle (itbegins)
Matthew Daniels (danielsmw*)

Agenda & IRC Log


* Schedule as set by John Poelstra


  * Approved by everyone, that's what we're using

* CMS Update

  * ke4qqq working on packaging, worried about 10+ modules that need

    * Reviewing help may be needed

  * Test sites are at:



  * Site will need some Websites/CSS help

* Release notes

  * ACTION: jjmcd projects next week for an update to F10 notes

  * ryanlerch has been making regular updates of F11 notes in DocBook


  * ACTION: Sparks requesting voice meeting on talk.fedoraproject.org
    with jjmcd, ryanlerch, quaid, any other interested

  * More (much more?!?) work required to get more(!) beat writers

    * ACTION: Pump up the volume (make more noise)

* Installation Guide

  * Rudi added to IG team, with lcafiero as editor, and herlo working
    on missing network auth section.

  * ACTION: ke4qqq looking for more new writers to join

    * quaid available for any back fill

* Security Guide

  * Scott et al in Brisbane validating documentation

  * Waiting on Publican fix(es) to get valid RPM

    * We'd like to see Publican useable for Fedora documentation
      packaging without any munging/hacking/sleight of hand.  

      * ACTION: quaid to work on the Fedora v. RHEL packaging
      	standards question -- are they equivalent or approximate.

* SELinux Guide

  * No status, mdious not present (sleepy time in Brisbane)
  * Status sounds good from what people present have heard

* User Guide

  * Part of Fedora Activity Day at SCaLE 7x


  * Plan to push the Fedora 9 U_G as-is without writing changes and
    minus some KDE and XFCE content

    * ACTION: danielsmw to look on #fedora-kde etc. for KDE help for the U_G

  * FAD to focus on catching up to F10

  * ACTION: Priority for content before FAD -- danielsmw

  * ACTION: Choose a process to work the content -- danielsmw, quaid

* Meeting time change

  * Still looking for a new time, fill out your slot by Wed. 18 Feb:


* Sparks proposes renaming FDSCo to 'Docs Team'

* Page renaming may occur by hand if we cannot get wikibot working on
  it by Friday 13 Feb.

  * Use docsproject.psv to guide
  * Worth the pain to show how it should be

Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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