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Introduction-- Danny

I'm Danny, a grad student in psychology in Chicago and have a lot
of basic hardware and software experience but Unix and Linux are still a
 little new to me, plus I'm rusty from disuse. I'm not afraid of a
command prompt-- I grew up with DOS. When I have technical
problems I am resourceful, patient, analytical and able to fix them or
find the help I need online.

I have been building my own computers since 2000, and know a little
 about networking from setting up a home network and working for a
 telecom company for almost 3 years. I understand electronics fairly
well, have excellent written communication and math skills and my
father and sister are quality control managers (chief mucky muck bug
 squashers) so I guess you could say problem-solving is in our genes.
 And since, in a sense, you are QC too, I believe I'd make an excellent
 match for your Docs Project. I get real satisfaction in finding the
source of a problem and fixing it, whether it be in someone's life
(psychology) or their operating system (Fedora Linux).

I worked briefly on a project in a technical writing class in the past.
 Otherwise I have a lot of writing experience (a LOT) in fiction,
 research paper writing, things like that. I'm a good editor. I'm
 courteous and extremely respectful toward others. I'm an organizer
 and go-getter. I like to make an impact and do what needs to be
done for progress to be made.

All of these things make me an excellent match for your project--
that and the fact that I really want a reason to learn Linux and give
back to the Fedora community. I feel easily-accessible, browseable
and searchable documentation is critical to making Fedora more

GPG: 06E7B936
pub 1024D/06E7B936 2009-02-19
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uid Daniel J. Ashcom <the_fine_print hotmail com>
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Thanks for your time,

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