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Docs team meeting 2009-02-25 summary

John J. McDonough (jjmcd)
Kirk Ziegler (kirkz)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Paul W. Frields (stickster)
Susan Lauber (laubersm)
Matthew Daniels (danielsmw)
Simon Birtwistle (itbegins_)
Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)

IRC log


* New meeting time
  * 0000 UTC Thu. == 1600 PST Wed. == 1900 EST Wed. == 1000 BNE Thu.
  * Starting 05 March 0000 UTC (04 March)
  * Need to confirm that this can work for ryanlerch
  * FIXED TIME -- Does not change with daylight savings time in a few

* Feature freeze is next week

* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Docs_Project

  * Progress made on [[Docs Project]]
  * The file docsproject.psv was cleaned and found useful
  * More work to be done, not difficult just tedious
  ** Help wanted
  * A clean PSV == potentially good wikibot results
  * wikibot would have been a big tedium breaker
  ** Need wikibot for wider adoption of page renaming
  * Package maintainer and draft pages are proceeding
  * Marketing is working on their pages, also a focus on [[*Events]]
    by StabbyMc (Scott McBrien)

* CMS packaging is moving ahead, ke4qqq needs to update his review

  * itbegins may use some help with theme/CSS finishing; taking it
    to fedora-websites-list if he needs it
  * Packaging needed to reinstall test instance
  * itbegins still needs to do the docs build scripts
  * Docs can potentially start loading content and structure, have it
    appear live in the final production instance

* Release notes
  * F10 update help needed; jjmcd to work with quaid on CVS check-in

  * Recruitment plan for new beat writers?
  ** 18 March is the next release team meeting, good time to ask for
     beat help where we've already tried other methods

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