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Docs Meeting 2009-06-18 Summary

     1. Sparks (132)
     2. jjmcd (42)
     3. quaid (28)
     4. zoglesby (16)
     5. perspectival (11)
     6. radsy (8)
     7. ianweller (7)
     8. poelcat (7)
     9. nirik (5)
    10. rudi (3)
    11. kgs (2)
    12. uclugLee (1)


* We discussed using the Meeting Bot to help us capture our meeting
minutes.  Everyone seemed to grasp the commands rather quickly.

* We also discussed meeting "symbols" to help the person running the
meeting know when you have something to say.  This isn't for strict
enforcement but rather to help speed the meetings along.

* We discussed the recent FAD at Clemson University (post-SELF).
Discussions on how to make the F12 release go smoother were a top
priority along with what went wrong/right during the F11 release.  A
list of tasks were voted on for priority setting so we can concentrate
on the things that need to happen.  We hope to implement as many of the
tasks as we can within 60 days.

* We also discussed "Docs Decisions for F12".  There will be some
changes coming down the pipes for F12.

* Quaid updated us on the change from OPL to CC-SA-BY licenses for our
documents and the wiki.  Nothing has really occurred since last week but
he will keep us updated as things happen and decisions are made.

* We had a request to join a "shared open-source style guide" group.  I
think this request left us all scratching our heads a bit.  Sparks will
be following up on this request to determine what exactly the request is

* We received a CMS update.  The CMS (Zikula) is being packaged at this
time.  Once all the pieces have been packaged a test instance will be
stood up before moving it to the live, public environment.

* We also touched on wiki page changes.  I think ianweller will be
working on some of the tools we need to make this happen later this
summer.  Once we have the tools to do what we need we'll be able to work
on the wiki more efficiently.

* The calendar was also on our list of topics to cover.  While an
enterprise solution is being fashioned, poelcat will be generating the
release calendars which we will have some input into to customize it for
the Docs team.

* In the "all other business", Scott (radsy) said that he was working on
Squid Caching Proxy portion of the "SELinux Managing Confined Services"
guide and provided the link for anyone to look at.

The meeting closed at 1:08 UTC.

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