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HI All,

I have just joined the docs list to hopefully start working on some opensource project documentation. I have worked in IT for 19 years, 8 of those in the Australian Military, 11 as a civilian consultant and trainer. I have skills in Linux/Windows/Citrix and have taught courses in all those products. I have also done consulting work on all three.

In the past I have created user documentation for consulting work I have done, as well as creating courseware for commercial vendors.

I am wanting to make the move across to opensource and if possible be employed in purely opensource work in the near future.

At the moment I can spare a few hours a week, and expect that to be the case for a while. Next semester I am starting to learn to program, in C, C++ and Java over the next 12 months, but at the moment only have the ability to create scripts and read very simple source code.

If anyone can suggest something that would be appropriate to get me started doing documentation work for the Fedora Project it would be appreciated.

Thanks & Cheers from Brisbane Australia,

Shane Broomhall

shanebroomhall gmail com

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