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Pictures in the Installation Guide

Volume 3 Number 2 of Linux+ magazine included Fedora 10 DVDs and an article on installing Fedora. What was especially interesting about that article was that it was mostly screenshots.

Of course, we all understand what a huge maintenance burden those screenshots become for a product produced in umpteen languages. But for some things, and I would argue especially the IG, they are a huge win.

The average person sees Linux as something kind of scary. It is too complicated for "someone like me", especially the installation. I have spoken to many people over the past year who would like to try Linux, but are basically afraid.

Having all the installation steps laid out in front of you in living color dramatically lowers that barrier. You can see every question, and you can see that is isn't something you can't answer.

Perhaps it is biting off more than we can chew, but it seems like it has great potential. One approach would be to somehow encourage magazines like Linux+ to keep doing this, but that particular magazine is in English, and I don't see any evidence it is produced in other languages. A lot of the market is in places that don't speak English, so it would seem to be very valuable to have the IG in particular full of pictures in the local language.

Is this really nuts?  Is there a lower priced way to approach this?


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