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Re: bugzilla questions aka: more docs tasks TODO for (or before) F12 cycle

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 06:56:17PM -0400, Susan Lauber wrote:
> Greetings,
> There was some IRC discussion today about bugzilla and docs.
> Along with a request to put it to the list for more conversation and
> feedback from the "been there, done that" and "here's why" crowd.
> The result is and will be more tasks TODO before or during the F12 cycle.
> Take a look at the components that exist:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/describecomponents.cgi?product=Fedora%20Documentation
> Notice that Paul and Karsten get most of the assignments.
> That doesn't seem right with so many new leaders and authors.

I whole-heartedly agree.  Frankly, speaking for myself, there's no way
I can give appropriate attention to these components, especially now
that the Docs team has so much energy and enthusiasm going into their
continued production and evolution.  By which I mean, you guys are in
an automobile and I'm on a skateboard, and I can only hold onto the
bumper for so long!

> ITEM 1:
> Questions that I see:
> which docs are dead and need to be removed?
> which docs are missing and need to be added?
> how do we best change a component name when something has changed?
> [this refers to desktop-user-guide having been just user-guide for a
> long time now]
> And before sparks starts reassigning things, it would be nice if the
> doc owners knew it was coming.
> Some of the more obvious assignees might consider this a heads up :)
> but I do not have the power so you are safe for now.

Fairly warned here!  :-D Hm, as far as components go, I think this is
probably a matter we'd need to check with a Bugzilla administrator to
be sure.  A change of name might require some manual messing around
with the database to ensure the old bugs are transferred in properly
-- as opposed to relying on automation which might create a whole new
component without our meaning to.

> ITEM 2:
> The other part of this issue is that more people need to be closing bugs.
> Some of this is triage work - not a bug or filed in the wrong place.
> Some is fixing the doc at the source - usually git (or shouldn't be a filed bug)
> So - I would suggest that anyone who has write to a doc in git should
> also make sure they have the ability to close the related bug in
> bugzilla.
> Here's how:
> 1. get a bugzilla account if you do not have one.  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/
> 2. make sure the email you list in bugzilla matches the email you list in fas
> 3. request sponsorship to the fas group fedorabugs
> 4. ask stickster to approve fedorabugs and ask sparks to start
> assigning you bugs :)
> 5.  starting fixing and closing bugs.

And by the way, I'm not the only person who can approve fedorabugs
membership.  I just happen to have some very limited admin privileges,
which the *real* admins trust me not to abuse.  (Mwahahaha!) ;-) But
the important part is, I'm happy to approve those memberships.  There
are no hoops to jump through, just ping me on IRC or email me to let
me know you're waiting.  I don't get an auto-notification for that
group but am happy to help where I can.

> You do NOT need to own the bug to close it.  When it is closed the
> assignee and the person that opened the bug will be notified, along
> with anyone else on the cc list.  They will have the option to reopen
> the bug if they have more information or do not believe it should have
> been closed.
> Do try to be polite and helpful when closing the ancient ones.  It is
> ok to close as the doc is end of life but it is also nice to point out
> the link to the current version and encourage more review and
> reporting as needed.
> I seem to recall some of this info in the wiki but not really easy to
> find....  so fixing the docs on how to manage docs is also still a
> needed....

I sense a wiki dump coming up...

I've started with your content from this email.

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