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Re: New book endorsement

On Wed, 13 May 2009, Roy Ellwood wrote:


I am new to this list

I am posting because I have just finished a new book 'Build a home webserver using Fedora Core 10'

Well there is no Fedora Core anymore.. just plain Fedora, already for 4 releases.

It is a practical guide to doing 'what it says on the tin' - but, it is not just Fedora - it covers the hardware, broadband, IPCOP router, configuring apache, MailScanner, etc, etc.

I realise that it is finished just in time for Fedora Core 11 to be released - so another version will quickly follow

The book is not published yet, but I intend to use lulu.com, and using this method of publishing means that I already have a proof copy of the book, and can print more.

I want Fedora to endorse the book, and the next version, and would like to add 'published with permission of the Fedora Project' etc

How do I now go about this? I am happy to post a proof copy to anyone who can provide this endorsement. But to whom? and how do I obtain a name and address?

I now need help to finalise the publication of this book. Can somebody on this list please help?


Roy Ellwood

Adam Pribyl

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