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Re: Updated script

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 01:36:51PM -0400, John J. McDonough wrote:
> From: "Paul Frields" <stickster gmail com>
>> Hi guys,
>> (1) This sort of call for review/help should be on the
>> fedora-docs-list where more people can help. It's open source!
> Point taken.  I still need to get used to this.  This seemed so grody I  
> didn't think the larger goup would care, but then again, being selfish, I 
> am always interested in learning more, and the more eyes, the more chances 
> i have to learn!  My main motivation in sharing this was so that I wasn't 
> the only person who knew what I was up to, but there is no reason the 
> three of you have to be the only ones.
> On the other hand, this could be a little misleading without some 
> warnings. The script essentially builds the rpm, and I am the LAST person 
> anyone should be looking to for advice on building an rpm.  In addition, 
> this is a transition time, and much of what is in there we hope not to 
> deal with for Fedora 12.  Most if this is fedora-docs-utils stuff that we 
> hope will be Publican, and some of the Publican stuff are things we hope 
> will be dealt with in Publican, so certainly, nobody should put too much 
> value on this script.

I've been in your shoes many times, so I understand the trepidation!
Just rest easily knowing that you've improved transparency, we should
all try not to make perfect the enemy of the good, and so on.

> On the other hand, it is certainly a treasure trove of ungainly hacks.

A kindred soul! :-D

> I made the rpm for RC in two steps, so in the latest version, the Publican 
> parts are commented out.  I have since pushed the I18n.xml that has the  
> offending paragraph commented out, so I should be able to run the script  
> from start to finish, but haven't actually done that yet.  After we get 
> the RC done, I intend to do that so that when any zero day issues are 
> swatted, we can just run the script to make the rpm.
>> (2) Is help still needed?
> The package that went to RC has the offending paragraph commented out.  We 
> still have absolutely no clue what is going on there.  We need someone a 
> lot more knowledgable about Publican (hint, hint) to help sort it out.  As 
> I said, I pushed the version of I18n.xml that has the offending paragraph 
> (and I mean XML paragraph here, from <para> to </para>, it is actually a 
> table) commented out.  Uncommenting it and generating html in any 
> non-English language should expose the problem.  Because of the need to 
> merge the po's, it might be easier to do this from the srpm than from git. 
>  It will certainly be quicker as the po merge takes some time.

Is this the problem that Ruediger just wrestled to ground?  The
quotation mark issue?

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